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Yoga for the Butt & But’s

Yoga for the Butt and But’s
You want to get off your Butt
Move your toosh
Sway your mood
Get on the mat
Find your Breath
Leave behind your guilt
Find your lilt
Let go of your  BUT’s
But I am too tired
But I am too broke
But I am to busy
But but but

The best place for your But

Be with your BUTT on the mat


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There is something about the act of committing to the practice of Yoga and creating a container.  What do I mean by that?  I mean that you intentionally
decide and commit to the time and space and intention of being with your Yoga practice.  This takes :
  • discipline
  • commitment
  • faith
  • energy
  • will
  • time
  • money
And I believe when one is willing and understands the benefits of YOGA we will resist way less and show up way more.
In my practice of coaching  I often shine the light on enjoying the PLEASURE.  I sense a great deal of resistance and guilt (especially in women) to create this for themselves.
In my opinion the idea of a physical, mental and spiritual practice such as yoga aligns perfectly with a coaching approach.
Yoga & Coaching use deep listening to support our unwrapping to our true presence.
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