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Completed WorkshopNov. 11 2013

Huntsville Ontario – Girlfriends Weekend

I am presenting a very fun workshop with my girlfriend and very talented coach and presenter Sharon Miller PCC.

Have a look at the weekend events and think about joining us!

The Pleasure Principles

Workshop Titles- Available Upon Request

Vu vu vu vulnerability where do you get stuck? (Coaching/goals/planning)

So many layers, boundaries are set with Core values.(managing employee/ motivation, team values)

When change Happens “ Bless the shi(f)t” ( Change)  or alternative tile
When change Happens ‘ Bless the Mess”

You need to prop up and stock up for Restoration and Vitality! (work/life balance, healthy living)

Be a player! When to time out and when to take one for the team. (teams, motivation, clarity of work ethics)

Listen with Curiosity, respond with Curiosity, Coach with clarity.  (management skills, coaching, goal setting)

Overw(helm), Put YOU at the Helm , (Stress strategies for healthy, fun, work-life balance)


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