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Scissors & Space- Vision Creation Workshop


1:00- 4:00 pm



I know it is a crazy busy time of year and it is my pleasure to invite a few of you into my home and holiday space to play and vision together for the new year.

This is the time to BE together to Play together and to Vision together.  So join the fun and allow me to do what I do best, play and cajole you into a wonderful vision for your new year.

Cut out 3 solid hours this month in December and create your vision Board for 2014 .Come join us in a group workshop on Designing Your Vision Board and setting your intentions for 2014.

That is where the scissors come in and you need to create the space to cut and paste your visual dreams.  Space and time to ponder and play, get unstuck and find some new ways.

Join a group of amazing women that are willing and wanting to play together while Teresa guides you through some fun exercises to help you maximize your pleasure to DREAM big for 2014!

I welcome a select few of you to join me in my Holiday Space to enjoy some yummy nibbles as we feed our imaginations and our souls.

So No, this is not about running with scissors, AND there is a Danger in not designing your vision.

So “Put this on your Calendar!!” Make your self a priority girlfriend!

Come enjoy some Holiday Cheer that will propel you into your NEW YEAR.

Some fun pictures from past vision playtime


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