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Invitation to Play 2016

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What Happened for you in 2015?

What will You create in 2016?

Coaching to find more peace in the present moment takes slowing down and review.

Sign on below for a session with me via phone or skype to begin again with softness and compassion as you enter your new year.  We look back in Gratitude

In order to look forward with enthusiasm and choice.

Let us then plan your play.  What are the ABC’s of planning your 2016?IMG_0252

Three easy steps to take in planning your 2016

A is for All about You

  • What do you want now?
  • What stories are old/tired?
  • How big is your YOU love?
  • What boundaries need to be stretched/challenged?

B is for Begin Now Here Now

  • What is no longer acceptable?
  • Where do I feel the fire?/rage/burn?
  • What do I see that continues to tire me out?
  • What am I a YES to today?

C Is for Choice 2016

  • What is my theme for 2016?
  • Who will I choose to play with?
  • What is the flow that I want to follow?
  • What passions will fuel me?
  • What new rituals will bring me into the moment

Let’s Hang out together for a Few Hours

Honest and heart felt conversation to support your sacred journey. 

Your Play Plan for 2016


Money and Time well spent!

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  1. January 7, 2011 10:55 am

    Love this! You are amazing so this will be time well spent!

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