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EAP Coaching

Employee Assistant Plan Coaching


If you have landed here and found out that I am your coach from your companies employee assistant plan coaching.

Get ready for a fun ride.  I consider the clients that come to me from this source ( your EAP program) to be very lucky and I love that you are

  • smart
  • curious
  • grateful
  • willing to try something new
  • and have said YES to being coached via your Employee Assistant Plan

My experience with many employees such as yourself is that you often come to the coaching for different reasons.

  • you are unhappy about something in your life and wonder if the coaching would help make a difference
  • you are just wanting to take advantage of a great “free” service as part of your benefit package
  • you have tried other strategies and nothing seems to help move you forward
  • you have decided it is time to look your financial beast in the eye
  • you have concerns with your lifestyle…diet/ exercise/money/career/relationships/environment
  • you have done therapy and you know that this is not therapy …been there done that!!
  • you believe in yourself and your ability to move forward
  • you sometimes really like to have support


  • I love my job in coaching you and feel honored that you trust me without ever meeting me face to face… I am so blown away again and again by your vulnerability and strengh
  • I do want to see you though so literally please send me a picture of yourself when we start our work
  • My agenda is to explore with you in curiosity and love to find new ways to find happiness
  • my way is usually very energetic and we will probably have lots of laughs…otherwise what is the point?
  • Although this is a short six week process you may be amazed at the magic we work
  • you are exactly where you need to be….
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