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Half Way

June 28, 2011

Half Way through the year.  And if you are like me you are scrambling perhaps, a letter or two missing, making do with a W that really is an M.  That is really what we do though.  We make a plan and roll the dice and see what life has to bring to us. Yes, life does bring us things, situations, people, gifts,upsets, surprises, and it is how we move through it all that matters.

That too could be like a plan.  How do you act or react to what shows up.

And I too believe it is important to have a plan, and be able to shift when it shifts, stay fluid and flexible and adjust our course.

What do you mean you had no plan?  No Vision? No goals? Well how you doing now that you are half way?  Did you at least pick 11 intentional words to love by in 2011?

So, perhaps now that we are half way you can get a 50% off deal and really buy into the year.

What are you really invested in?

If not YOU?

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