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Dark Times

November 17, 2010


This picture was taken in colour
It just happened to be a misty morning
This is what the camera captured
How do you capture your moments?
How do you find pleasure in what is???
What some would call Dark times.


In this weeks audio cocktail

I am most inspired by this time of year which can be described as a dark time or a dark month.  Many women soaring feel the extreme shortness of the days and the early set of the sun.  Just like in the above photo, (which is really a colour photo) appears almost as a Black & white shot, due to the heavy mist and the early morning fog.  So I ponder where we feel the lack of light do we sense a heaviness and and lack of  belief in the magic and the power of a more colourful time.  And also it was the actual fog in this murky moment that allowed me to actually see and experience the power of looking straight into the sun.  There are gifts in every moment.  When we experience all our moments this way it is all good!!

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