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Bad Habits

October 21, 2010

Bad Habits
Are sometimes hard to let go of
They do fulfill a need you have
When you decide it is finally time to let go
it really helps to replace the habit with a new FUN Behaviour


In this weeks audio cocktail we explore the idea of Bad Habits?  Here is what I know about bad habits.  They are behaviours that we don’t really like about ourseleves and that we consider as a bad habit.

Do you bite your nails, eat too many sweets, drink too much red wine, get angry and yell at your kids? Whatever you deem as a bad habit in your routine that you would like to leave behind requires a few things.  First figure out what the pay off there is for you in continuing the behaviour.  Second, you need to decide and commit to stopping the behaviour  for all of the powerful reasons that would make it a better choice.

Choosing to change the behaviour is a choice!  A powerful choice that you can make.  It is also so much easier to switch the  “bad habit” for a new behaviour that is more fun, healthier, better for you!!  I have a very unique 21 day Pleasure program that would dove tail nicely with anyone who is working at switching into some new more powerful behaviours.  Come play with me!

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