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Colour Me Beautiful

September 29, 2010

In this week audio cocktail I explore with women soaring the notion of expanding our range of choices and creating a Beautiful multi-colored life.

Remember when you first went to grade school and you got a brand spanking new eight pack of crayons!!

Well, my women soaring it is time to EXPAND your range.

Life is a beautiful multi-multi color range of possibility.

If we use color as the metaphor for living a beautiful full color life we need to keep exploring new shades.

Be curious and try on new experiences, new activities, new surroundings, new friends, new places, new ways to be with yourself, new ways to be with others .

Just keep exploring and see the range of possibility that keeps you engaged and putting a smile on your face.  That is what it is all about.

And, just for fun here is a Mandala that you can print and color.  I suggest you use lots of color choices and just watch how the meditative process unfolds for you as you gently and playfully take the black and white drawing and bring it to life.

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