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Inner ME Girl

September 1, 2010

My Inner ME Girl
Knows who she is
Knows what she wants
Knows she is worthy
Pleasure her today and everyday

In this weeks audio cocktail I explore the notion of both the inner Mean girl and the Inner ME girl.

The inner mean girl are the nasty voices that are in our heads  (that nasty self talk) that seem to run the show sometimes about who we are and what we deserve.  I have been doing some work with and Inner Mean Girl  Cleanse and the work is very powerful and helpful.  And because I love to play with the positive, I love the notion and place of inner ME Girl.  She is represented here in this picture at a time and place when we were probably very in touch with the innocence of our Inner ME Girl.

I point my woman soaring to the notion that when we listen to the innocence of our Inner ME girl.  Be compassionate and listen for the little voice that is asking for what she wants and needs.  Listen for that voice and honor her and this will take you back to your place of Pleasure, where it is all good.

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