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June 10, 2010


On this adventure I fly off

on a wisp of wind

I smile and laugh as I ride her gusts & gales and gentle kisses

Only those that know how to PLAY will FLY

the others will all be misses

In this weeks audio cocktail we explore a little deeper the notion of what it means to be a woman soaring.  With a prompt that I was given on a writing class I was asked to finish the quote.  On this adventure.  I realized after I finished the statement I was writing about the type of client that is attracted to working with me. The above poem actually points to the qualities and essence of the type of person that believes in the work that I do.

What I see and play with daily with my clients is their ability to tap into the magic of who they are and what they are really capable of creating.  I see a willingness to trust and allow me to create a support and a safe container for them to explore their beliefs and there choices.  Like the child in the picture who is supported by two strong male arms, only then is she free to truly lean in and surrender.  Then she is able to spread her arms and feel the freedom of flying with ease and joy.

My belief is that we get to tap into that magic every day and the child like purity and essence is inside my client always.  My job is sometimes to wake them up and remind them to play,  have fun, enjoy the juice,  see the goodness and blessings that are available to us at any given moment.

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  1. June 10, 2010 1:02 pm

    I love that you hold the space for all of us to place fun and pleasure as a high priority. Thank you, Teresa!

    With gratitude,


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