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Summer Fun

June 3, 2010

In this weeks audio cocktail we explore the notion that enjoying pleasure often goes hand in hand with having to make an effort to align with what we are wanting to enjoy.

Lots to do in Summer!  Summer is about FUN and Kicking back.  The pleasure of a summer evening on a patio with a cool beer or glass of wine.  The warmth of the summer evening wafting around my shoulder’s.  Oh Yah..that usually entails bare shoulders and bare arms.  Ouch.  That might not feel so pleasurable. If I am exposing my arms to the world I want them to be looking GOOD.  I want some muscle definition and an all round toned look.  And that takes effort and work.

So nobody said that experiencing pleasure does not align with effort and hard work. In fact the memory or idea of pleasure can be the impetus to drive us to reach the results that we want to achieve.

The strategy that we do need to put in place is an activity or events that will support the toned look for the summer evenings.  So if that means extra yoga classes, joining a dragon boat team or incorporating a home weights program…any one of these strategies will support the pleasure I am remembering.

Keep this in mind when you are planning your pleasure!  The pleasure and effort do often go hand in hand.

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