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May 27, 2010

In this week’s audio cocktail we explore the notion of being a YES.  The place of noticing where we are on automatic pilot that is set on saying no,  and where you possibly shut out opportunity.

What if you were to be a YES this week.  Check in with yourself.

What are you willing to be a yes to?

What are you wanting to be a YES to?

How can YOU  be a YES?

Yes, what is the line that you are willing to draw in the sand and be a YES to you.  What do you feel and want and know about yourself?   I guarantee you that your energy and joy and passion will expand with every yes you give to yourself.

I share with you a very vulnerable and intimate exploration I took with myself when my partner asked me if I wanted to have SEX?  The prudish little tight ass that lives in me was a NO so fast he was shocked!!  Did I forget who was asking me to have SEX?  Was that all he was asking?   When I took some time to explore his question I was able to open up to the many many things I was a yes to and it did of course include SEX.  Who was I kidding.  I share with you my poem entitled ” I am a YES”

I am A YES

Yes, I am a yes to having SEX with YOU.

Yes to being NAKED, vulnerable and exposed.

And  I am yes to doing you too. You are so very doable.

A yes to fucking you and being fucked.
for the pure animal pleasure of exploring every inch of your beautiful body.
And the pure pure pleasure you bring me

And I can’t wait to lick you, bite you, taste you .
I want to roar and howl and growl with you.
Bring out my inner animal with you.

yes to breathing fast and deep and HARD
yes to you being HARD

to laughing with outrageous abandonment yes to orgasm
yes to orgasm again and again and again

I am a YES to sweet romance too
With candles, flowers, truffles
red wine.
Beautiful bedding with luxurious sheets.

sometimes though
I want to be on the ground under a canopy of stars
with you

Yes to loving you and making love to you

Yes to adoring you and honouring the GOD in you

Yes to you meeting my Goddess
Yes to being adored and honoured

Yes to becoming ONE with you in the ecstasy and bliss of union.

Yes , to savoring and saving myself to share these experiences in the sacred union of US.

These are some of my Yes’s

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