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May 13, 2010

Playing In Opportunity

Sometimes when I walk upstairs
I look down and
Wilder has filled the spaces
Between the stair post with his yellow car
Or his miniature jeep
Or it could be the green corvette
Sometimes he lines them all up
Along those small places
And it makes me smile
That he has found a playing field
And an opportunity
Where we thought
It was only a staircase

In this weeks audio cocktail I talk about playing with Opportunity!!  Where do you miss out on opportunities.  Where do you shut down on opportunities possibly  because of the way you are perceiving something.  Where do you get stuck and stale in your thinking and then your reactions to things and situations ?

How can you become more playful and open to new possibilities by looking at a situation with a new lens or perspective.  If you are to ask yourself just one question, let it be what is new an different here for me me to see, experience?  Instead of looking for evidence of the same old same old!!  Trust me finding the new and more fun opportunity is way more liberating.

For instance in this poem where I saw only a staircase, my son saw a playing field and a car park for his cars.

I ask “where do you possibly walk by opportunities that literally are lying at your feet?”

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