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Passion & Work

May 6, 2010

In this weeks audio cocktail we explore the notion of finding passion and nourishment in the work we choose to immerse ourselves n.

Today I celebrate the birth of a new business venture that I am undertaking for the summer.  It entails my love of baking and my passion for being out and about with folks.

I will be selling a very fun and unique product of nutritious healthy sweet loaves wrapped with a wonderful wish.

LoavesNWishes is a new baby for me.  I find the joy and boundless energy that I have around playing with this idea has opened up new opportunities for me as well  Because of the Sunday schedule for the market, I will be able to attend a month long yoga teacher training intensive this August.  Basically Teresa goes to camp!!  How much fun is that!

So visit me if you are in the vicinity of Lansdowne Park on Sunday morning.  It is a wonderful Farmer’s market with fresh produce, baking goods, and wonderful meats and cheeses.

If you are passionate about food, it is the place to be in the summer.

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