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Sharing Toys

March 14, 2010

In this weeks guilt free audio cocktail I talk about TOYS.  Sexual toys to help you play and enhance your pleasure.  This is a picture of a we vibe , ONE of the best vibrators I have ever found.  It has won awards and has been included in the goody bags at the Oscars.

The whole idea that women play and live there full range of expression and pleasure does include our sexual selves.

When I introduce the idea of My Pleasure Mosaic Coaching work that I do with client’s, I often hear a stifled  giggle and sometimes I get asked if it includes sexual pleasure.  Well hell YES.  If we as women are to live and express our full range of creativity and vitality and zest for life WHY would we leave sexuality out?

The coaching pleasure mosaic is a really fabulous tool to help you get in touch with ALL of your pleasure points and desires.  I want you to be able to pull thoughts and images and your desires from a FULL RANGE of possibility.  That is the work we do together when I coach you!  How fun and liberating to not have to leave anything out, and how expansive.  If you are felling shy or shut down or perhaps having lost your mojo the pleasure Mosaic coaching may be perfect for you.

Here also is the  WISH link to the Woman’s International Wish Summit.  As of today March 14 you can listen in for another 8 days of great interviews and conversations with so many experts on the  full range of woman’s Health.

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