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February 1, 2010

Our Audio cocktail with the topic HELP is an extremely important and I think often sensitive issue for women soaring. I think Women Soaring are masters at handling things really well.  So well as a matter of fact that they may perhaps loose site of the fact that they don’t have to be Superwoman.  There really is no glory in going it alone when the going gets tough

There often is a good time to call in support and HELP from other professionals and support persons that can assess our situation with us and give us well deserved support and advice.

Take a moment NOW perhaps and let us do a triage of perhaps some life/work situations that could require a call for help.

  • is it time to dump a client
  • is it time to exit your marriage
  • is it time to leave your job
  • is it time to really lose the weight
  • is it time for more balance and joy (call a coach)
  • is it time to stop drinking too much?

The GUILT FREE part of this audio is the notion that you really do get to call in help when the BIGGER issues just don’t go away on their own.   You deserve to be supported and cared for by a professional that will guide, hold and support you to living and working with more joy and enthusiasm.

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