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Inner Brat

January 20, 2010

This week in our audio cocktail we played with the notion of your INNER BRAT.

That’s right you heard me or you are reading it correctly, YOUR inner brat.

Because the idea behind the guilt free audio cocktail is to bring more spontaneous pleasure to your work environment for yourself and others.  I invite you to explore the notion of your inner brat and see where she might be able to come out and play more.

You know who she is:  She has a twinkle in her eye and is:

  • spontaneously brilliant
  • brutally honest
  • smart with a bit of a cocky edge
  • innocent
  • totally non threatening
  • up to a little bit of mischief

And she is all of these things and she lives probably hidden under your skirt.  She is waiting to play with you at work and make your job more fun and less stressful.  She will shift the space around you in a meeting and/or in an e-mail (that is if you will let her out) and you will be pleasantly surprised how your work mates actually will enjoy her energy and her enthusiasm.

So let her out to play and watch how the FUN expands and the energy shifts.  And the work gets done despite her mischief.

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